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Permanent Exhibit


The museum's permanent exhibition traces the fascinating history of papermaking from its earliest antecedents through the advanced thechology of today-- from ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets and Egyptian papyrus scrolls to the watermarked papers of Italy to the high-tech machinery of the modern paper industry.

George Mead Education Gallery


"From Hand to Machine: The Evolution of Papermaking", is featured in the George W. Mead Paper Education Center. The exhibit details the evolution of science and technology in papermaking, showcasing artifacts from the 1300s to paper made in space aboard the space shuttle Columbia.

The Green Gallery


This exhibition explores the relationship between people, the environment, and paper.

More Than Surface: Contemporary Prints on Handmade Paper

February 24 - March 17, 2017

More Than Surface: Contemporary Prints on Handmade Paper is a "push-pin" show on exhibit during the Southern Graphics Council International conference in March. Curated by Jay Fox and Christopher Davenport, the show features works by numerous artists who work in paper and printmaking fields.