Paper in Our World

Trace the evolution of papermaking from plants and recycled rags to the discovery of trees as a source of fibers for paper.  Investigate how recycling, sustainability practices, and current research play a role in solving our environmental issues.  Students will also participate in a hands-on papermaking workshop.

Fee per Person: 
Minimum Attendance: 
Maximum Attendance: 
Time of Tour: 
90 minutes
Chaperone Details: 
1 chaperone required for every 10 students. 1 chaperone admitted free with every 10 students.
Georgia Performance Standards: 
S2CS6-7, S3-6CS7-8, S2P1, S2-4L1, S6CS1&5, S7CS8-9, S3L2, S5E1, S6CS7-9, S6E3-5, SS6G2&7&9, S7L4, SS7G2&6&10, S8CS1&7, SSWG6&8, SSWH21