More Than Surface: Contemporary Prints on Handmade Paper

Exhibition Dates: 
March 7 - March 17, 2017

More Than Surface: Contemporary Prints on Handmade Paper is a "push-pin" show on exhibit during the Southern Graphics Council International conference in March. Curated by Jay Fox and Christopher Davenport, the show features works by numerous artists who work in paper and printmaking fields.

"More Than Surface, paper is the space and place prints are realized. It is elemental to a never- evolving relationship straddling tradition and experimentation. To celebrate, More Than Surface: Contemporary Prints on Handmade Paper explores the variety of ways contemporary printers are both affirming and evolving paper as a physical and conceptual habitat of printing.

As manifestations of particular materialities, works of handmade paper reveal the geographical, cultural, and artifactual identities that paper can possess. These identifies are informed by the experimentations, considerations, and reflections of makers on the potentialities of handmade paper. While these processes are often hidden, they can be discerned by reading beyond the immediate surfaces presented. This permits an appreciation of paper as evidence, information, and expression. More Than Surface provides a context for considering the boundaries and interplay between habitats, prints, and how these elements communicate and inform one another."


Dr. Robert Ritter

Associate Professor, Archival Studies

The University of Alabama

School of Library and Information Sciences


Works by

Hannah Adair

Douglas Pierre Baulos

By Voices (Crane Giamo and Chris Davenport)

Kyle Anthony Clark

Sally Clegg

Chris Davenport

Carrie Drummond

Jay Fox

Kyle Holland

Lauren Lake

Cynthia Lollis

Ava Lonergan

Sarah Marshall

Alex McClay

Steve Miller

Cynthia Nourse Thompson

Stephanie Slate

Bryce Speed