Museum Tours

Explore the history of paper and papermaking.  Two tours are available. 

Paper Travel:
Travel through time to follow the history of paper from the earliest examples of writing materials, to the Chinese discovery of paper and papermaking, to the mills of Europe. 

Tour the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking to discover how papermaking has evolved over time.  Explore everything about paper and papermaking from papyrus to molds and deckles.  Tour includes a papermaking workshop to explore this amazing artform.

Special Exhibits: Take an in-depth look into the changing exhibits at the museum. The museum hosts about three changing exhibits a year on and about paper.


To book a program, contact Anna Doll at 404-894-7840.


Tours for social organizations, retirement communities, and more!
Minimum Attendance: 
Maximum Attendance: 
Fee per Person: 
$5.50 - $8.50, depending on program
60-90 minutes