Two green strips with white text sit at the top and bottom of the image. The text at the top says Geometric Aljamia: A cultural transliteration. The text at the bottom says September 5 thru December 6, 2023 with the address in smaller letters below. Between the two strips is a photograph with graphite traced arabesque patterns on the right and left of the photograph. The centeral image is an all white paper sculpture by Jorge Benitez. The sculpture is hexagon shaped with a dome top. the front door has two stores that hang above it and the walls on either side of the door have a cast of a slice of bread with chicken bones resting on the slice.


Geometric Aljamia: A Cultural Transliteration is a cross-cultural collaboration that addresses how connections between the Middle East and the West during the Golden Age of Islamic Civilization continue to be relevant and vibrant in the twenty-first century. The project includes artists, designers, performers, and writers from Afghanistan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Canada, and the United States. Aljamia is a medieval Spanish word that refers to Romance language written in Arabic script. The resulting transliteration contributed to the dissemination of the Arabic language and Islamic influences throughout the Iberian Peninsula and beyond. By understanding the arts as a transliteration of one form of thinking to another and addressing the fundamental patterns and geometry embedded in visual art and poetry, this project revisits the ongoing impact of Islamic art, science, and philosophy throughout the world today.


Jorge Benitez, Reni Gower, Hanane Korchi, Julia Townsend

Exhibition curated by Reni Gower


In-Person Reception

Friday, October 13, 2023, 6:00-8:00pm EST



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FREE Virtual Artist Talks

Headshots of the artists participating in the virtual artist talk. The headshots are arranged in a horizontal row on top of a grey blue background. Reni Gower is pictured to the left. She is a middle aged Caucasian woman with ear length grey hair wearing red rimmed glasses atop her head, Jorge Benitez is a middle aged Hispanic man with grey hair wearing black wire rimmed glasses and a black jacket, Julia Townsend is a brunette with shoulder length long hair. She wears a red tank top with a pair of glasses hanging from her neck, and Susan Schuld is a Caucasian woman with a short blonde bob and red lipstick. She's wearing a black shirt, light grey wrap, and delicate jewelry.

Join curator Reni Gower along with Jorge Benitez, Susan Schuld, and Julia Townsend as they discuss their inspirations and contributions to the Geometric Aljamia: A Cultural Transliteration. 

Watch the Recording



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FREE Virtual Lecture

Headshot of Dr. Mohammad Ghomi wearing a button-up blue, grey, and white plaid shirt over a white tee in front of a bookshelf and a headshot of Dr. Natalie Khazaal wearing blue tinted shades, a pink cap with brunette bangs peaking out. Her turquoise color with dark polka dots peaks out from a fuzzy powder blue sweater.

Professors Dr. Natalie Khazaal, Associate Professor in the School of Modern Languages and the Director of the Arabic, Middle East and North Africa programs and Dr. Mohammad Ghomi, Professor in the School of Mathmatics will interpret the concepts from the exhibit Geometric Aljamia: A Cultural Transliteration in their respective fields. Learn a bit more about Middle Eastern culture and the math found in the lovely geometric patterns of Islamic cultures.