Lisa Miles Photo and Bark Paper

Virtual Bark Paper Demonstration Lecture

Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Time: 7:30-8:30pm EST

Category: Demonstration Lectures

Instructor: Lisa Miles

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Join us for this virtual Bark Paper Lecture Demonstration with guest artist Lisa Miles. Mesoamerican beaten bark papers, known as amate, amatl, or huun, have been used by ancient bookmakers and scribes to produce codices since pre-Columbian times. Explore traditional amate papermaking technique along with modern innovations as practiced by a 21st-century artist and papermaker. Lisa Miles creates one-of-a-kind beaten bark paperworks using plant-based materials and natural dyes. Approximating traditional methods, Miles creates bark paper by beating plant fibers with a volcanic stone on a wood board. Instead of the ficus native to Mexico, she crosses cultures and uses Japanese kozo and mitsumata fibers. By incorporating modern advancements alongside historic practices, she examines the role of humans as tool users and makers of meaning. Miles will be sharing a brief history of bark paper, demonstrating amate-style papermaking, and connecting the process to her contemporary art practice. This program is geared towards adult audiences. 


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