Photo of Paper Museum founder Dard Hunter

Dard Hunter’s 138th birthday is Monday, November 29. Born in 1883, he saw massive changes in communication, transportation, and everyday life during his lifetime. He also developed a passion for learning all he could about hand papermaking, which culminated in 20 books and a museum featuring examples of the craft he studied for so long.

Known today as the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking, the museum holds a collection of approximately 100,000 artifacts and 7,000 books on the subject of papermaking. Museum staff provide in person programs for all ages, and in the last two years virtual programs have been developed to introduce people wherever they are into the amazing world of paper. Exhibits explore elements of paper- as historical object, artistic material, or scientific experiment.

Consider making a donation to the museum this year on Giving Tuesday. Your generous support allows us to provide free or low cost experiences, care for the historic collection, or to put on an exhibit. Donations to the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking Support Fund are tax deductible, and a wonderful way to show your support for the museum.