Artworks by Shoko Nakamura, Elise Hochhalter, and Bel Iluzada depicting interpretations of books.

What makes a book a book? The artists featured in the “Paper as Book” panel expand our understanding of what a book can be into something else entirely. Join the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking virtually as we delve into the boundless potential of book arts and the various configurations in which paper is transformed into a “book”.

Memories of the Barong - Ben Iluzada (University of the Arts, Philadelphia)
Neither This, Nor That - Elise Hochhalter (University of Iowa Center for the Book)
Shirt Books - Shoko Nakamura (University of Iowa Center for the Book)

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"Paper as Installation" is the last of three virtual panels exploring the art of the 7th National Handmade Paper Art Triennial. All panels are free and open to the public.