QR Code to Google Form for Paper Museum Image Contest for new exhibit


  • Fill out the Google Form (https://tinyurl.com/papercontest)
  • Image of at least 2400 by 3000 pixels or 2400 by 2400 pixels to be able to print 8" x 10" or 8" x 8"
  • File size must be between 5 MB and 20 MB
  • If available, high quality photo of sample
  • Maximum of three images per person


  • Only images containing bio-derived components / biomaterials / bioproducts or are related to papermaking
  • Images may be taken from TEM/SEM/light microscopy/3D imaging
  • Images must be original work and allowed to be displayed. Use by the Paper Museum, RBI, or Georgia Tech does not infringe on copyright with upcoming or already published works.
  • Contestants must agree to allow reproduction for the museum website, museum guides, or for educational purposes. The winning contestants are encouraged to submit samples to be displayed with image.
  • Samples may be provided after selection of winning images and should not be proprietary.